Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan


The Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan announces an international tender for the supply of equipment and materials for the construction of external power supply by lots:


Indivisible Lot No. 1 - Supply of cables and cable products

Indivisible Lot No. 2 - Supply of 10 and 35 kV indoor switchgears for indoor installation

Indivisible Lot No. 3 - Supply of power transformers and electrical equipment

Indivisible Lot No. 4 - Supply of uninsulated aluminum wires of AC grade




  •  submit a written application to the name of the Minister of Energy of Turkmenistan on the intention to participate in the tender indicating the full name of the participant, its legal status, country of registration and bank details;
  •  get the specification of the lots and technical requirements in the Department of long-term development, new technologies and capital construction of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan at  55, 2022 street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
  • get a package of tender documents after payment of 500 USD (excluding VAT and bank fees) for each of the lot.


Proposals for lots are accepted until September 30, 2019, until 16:00.

Packages with tender proposals are accepted for consideration after receipt of funds in the account.


                                  Phone for inquiries: 37-94-31, 37-94-33