The President of Turkmenistan signed the Decree on the construction of a combined cycle gas turbine power station on the territory of the existing Mary power plant. At present, the construction of a power plant is being accelerated. In addition to gas turbines, boiler-utilizers and steam turbines are installed at this power plant.

The power plant is equipped with 4 gas turbines and 2 steam turbines. The capacity of each gas turbine is 263 MW. The capacity of each steam turbine is 267 MW. For the production of high-pressure superheated steam, waste heat recovery boilers are installed in an amount of 4 pieces, the steam capacity of each of which is 360 tons per hour.

The heat from the gas turbines leaving earlier to the atmosphere will be sent to the recovery boiler, where high-temperature superheated steam will be produced, which in turn will rotate the blades of the steam turbine and generator and thus additional power will be generated.

Electricity generated at this power plant will be transferred to the power system of Turkmenistan through open distribution facilities, on which modern electrical equipment is installed, the latest developments of relay protection and automation with the corresponding voltages of 110/220/ 500kV. Throughout the power plant will be organized video surveillance, which will in turn ensure a permanent control over the state of the equipment.

Advantages of the power plant:

1). The efficiency of power plants will reach 56%, which is 22% higher than the efficiency of gas turbines of a simple cycle;

2). Allows annually to save 1 billion 100 million cubic meters of natural gas;

3). The temperature of the combustion products released to the atmosphere is reduced to 1000C, which is 4400C lower than the temperature of the combustion products emitted from gas turbines of a simple cycle;

4). Allows annually to reduce by 3 million 100 thousand tons the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere;

5). The reliability of electricity supply to consumers and the technical possibility of increasing electricity exports will increase.

As a result of reducing fuel consumption, the amount of combustion products released into the environment will also decrease, which creates favorable conditions for environmental protection.