In the era of Era of Might and Happiness, Turkmenistan implements an energy policy of  uninterrupted and reliable energy supply to consumers, as well as export of electricity to foreign consumers.

In connection with the consequent improvement of the well-being of the country's population, growth of electricity consumption, it became necessary to build new generating capacities. With the tireless care and support of the esteemed President of Turkmenistan, adoption of the “Concept of development of electrical energy branch of Turkmenistan for 2013 – 2020” has become a qualitatively new milestone in the history of the industry development. In accordance with the concept, 6 new power plants were built in different regions of the country. On the territory of the Mary state power station, a new combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 1574 MW is being built at unremitting rates.

This allowed improve the quality of energy supply to domestic consumers. At the same time, it is possibility to increase the volume of exported electricity. In turn, this contributes to the diversification of export routes of electricity.

Today, Turkmen electric energy is exported to the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan and Iran. Specialists of the industry plan to implement a project of building a high-voltage transmission line with a voltage of 500 kilovolts in the direction of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan in parallel with the TAPI gas pipeline.

The implementation of this project will allow the export of Turkmen electricity to the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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